QuickNix® Mosquito Treatment Program

Family-Planting-Flowers-TogetherMosquitoes cause big problems around the country. However, Houston is one particular city that battles 80 of the most aggressive species. Since these pests pose dangerous health risks, it is essential to find an affordable and effective way to eliminate the problem. Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment is a smart solution. We kill mosquitoes on site and scatter granules that keep more pests from swarming and bringing diseases.

This is a comprehensive treatment that involves three steps, which are repeated approximately every three weeks. Results are astounding. Studies show a 90 percent reduction of mosquitoes within the first week of treatment. Over the entire 21-day period, there is a gradual drop off until the problem resolves. This performance cannot be beat.

QuickNix is a proprietary treatment program against mosquitoes. No one else offers the same protection. Our method is more than fogging. After the process has been completed, you will experience the difference. Our secret is hidden in the way we apply the treatment. Here is a closer look at what we do.

Easy as 1 2 3

With a backpack sprayer, we apply a specially formulated liquid that targets adult mosquitoes in your yard. This is like a sneak attack on the enemy. The sprayer penetrates the toughest conditions, especially where pump sprayers or spray rigs are ineffective. With its extreme pressure, a backpack sprayer gets into all the crevices where mosquitoes live and reproduce. Our eco-friendly formula is only available in MosquitoNix and thoroughly flushes, knocks out, and kills these bugs. It is exactly the treatment you want.

2. The next step involves the use of a mosquito repellant granule. This granule is all natural and is spread across your yard's perimeter and other outdoor areas where you spend the most time. Have us over, and our keen eyes will spot the locations that must be targeted. The product we use is a MosquitoNix exclusive, which was developed just for us.

3. The final part of treatment involves standing water. We place a larvicide into pools of water, which targets mosquito eggs and makes them burst into oblivion. Thanks to the poor drainage in the Houston area, standing water is very common. We uncover all the spots where this water lays and go to work quickly to eliminate the problem.


We are proud to offer a wide range of mosquito treatments. Besides our fully automated system, which works continuously to keep mosquitoes away from your yard, this is the best option on the market.

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