MosqutioNix Community Involvement

MosquitoNix strives to contribute to the community to make it a better place for everyone who lives there. Here are some efforts that we are involved in that enrich the local community in Houston.


As a company that specializes in eliminating the dangers of mosquitoes, we believe that it is our job to share our knowledge about these pests with those in our community. One of the most effective ways of eliminating mosquitoes and reducing the risk of contracting diseases carried by these pests is by removing their opportunity to establish breeding sites. We use our extensive knowledge of mosquito behavior to educate the community about how to eliminate breeding sites. Our partnerships with local schools, business associations, neighborhood associations and mosquito control organizations allows us to achieve our goal of educating the community.





We strive to protect our neighbors from the diseases spread by mosquitoes. In order to achieve our goal, we have partnered with communities in the Houston area to keep public areas like gardens, playgrounds and parks free of these pests. Anyone who would like MosquitoNix to help protect their public areas should contact us for help. As a company that is interested in the local community, we are willing to reduce our fees significantly in exchange for marketing.

When our local communities are affected by West Nile virus, we work tirelessly to eradicate mosquito populations by using our knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art technology. Depending on the community, we are sometimes able to use surveillance to monitor mosquito activity to assist in our efforts to protect neighborhoods from dangerous diseases.


We have been partnering with local organizations including schools, church groups, neighborhood associations and clubs since we started our business. We are always looking for new opportunities to help out local organizations. All you have to do is promote our products or services, and we will give your organizational a substantial portion of the value of services provided to anyone in your group who signs up for these services.

MosquitoNix prides itself in being a good neighbor, which is why we love being part of silent auctions! Just call us and ask, we never deny! Why? Because we love our neighbors. Contact us... .



MosquitoNix enjoys success because of clients in the local area, but mosquito control is a worldwide issue. Our efforts to give back are not only focused on local neighborhoods, but also on communities located around the world.


For several years now, MosquitoNix has been sponsoring NetsforLife. ( We are proud to announce this year they have surpassed distribution of over eighteen million mosquito nets in Africa to support the fight of Malaria. We feel so compelled to partner with this organization whose mission is clear – SAVE LIVES. Every minute of every day a child dies from Malaria. The mosquito is the deadliest animal in the world accounting for seven hundred fifty thousand deaths annually.